We are the happiestand the most satisfied people you will ever meet.

How you ask? Because happiness, joy and peace are the three most difficult things to find in this prosperous and progressive society. Vishwa Jagriti Mission, over the time, emerged as a premier institution in motivating millions on the path of compassion and alleviating them from miseries. With its headquarters located at Anand Dham Ashram, New Delhi, we engulfed millions worldwide by harmonizing their lives and elevating them to bliss. Vishwa Jagriti Mission has spread its branches in over 80 Mandals and Sewa Samitees in India and abroad

  • Temples
  • Mahārishi Ved Vyās Gurukul Vidyapeeth
  • Karunā Sindhū Charitable Hospital
  • Yugrishi
  • The White Lotus
  • Old Age Homes for Senior Citizens
  • Orphanage Centres
  • Yuvā Manch
  • Bal Vikas Yojna
  • Disaster Management Programmes
  • Blood Donation Camps
  • Kāmdhenu Gau Sanrakshan
  • Tribal Development Programmes
  • Satsang, Yogā & Meditation Programmes

A subtle thought emerged just like a small sapling 25 years ago. That philanthropic vision slowly seeped in millions of souls who extended their compassion and love to all of the mankind. The superlative thought to touch, move and inspire, empowered many over the time. All seem to be the glistening glimpse of Almighty, for God Lies in the innocent heart of the Child.

His Holiness says there is God                          
in every heart & each soul.

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