A small thought of generosity spreads like
                                                                              divine fragrance to many souls

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How we began?

The start up story of this compassionate project!
A small thought of generosity will spread like divine fragrance to many souls was unknown when in 1998 His Holiness Sudhanshuji visited Tribal areas of Khunti and Rukka in Ranchi at Jharkand.
Maharajshri was compassionate to see the poverty and harsh living conditions in naxalite infested tribal areas of Ranchi. The poverty stricken families who shared a single cloth among themselves were provided means for their livelihood. Thousands of parent less children were given refuge in the divine shelter of His Holiness Sudhanshuji Maharaj.


On one hand where orphans are often considered as burden; Vishwa Jagriti Mission, with full zeal, took the initiative to provide them with all the necessities they are deprived of. Being involved in the fight of survival, many orphans could not find any means to participate in social events, spiritual events and recreational events. Such lack of participation hindered their upbringing.

In order to teach these children the difference between the good and the evil, His Holiness Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj established two schools in Surat and Kanpur by the name Devdoot Balashram. These schools provide the students with the best in class education, residential facilities, healthcare facilities, sports, infrastructure and social development programs.

Education in Tribal Areas: RESCUE UNITS

The primary victims of wars have always been the innocent ones. His Holiness Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj on his tour to Jharkhand, Chattisgarh saw kids sleeping on the branches of trees. Where most kids spend their time playing, these kids were forced to spend each day in survival due to the constantly ongoing naxal war. This little incident left Mahrajshri sleepless and he took an impulse decision over night of establishing schools for the destitute. With God’s grace and Mahrajshri’s endless efforts two schools were setup in Rukka and Khunti. The schools operate in the naxalite affected areas and provide quality education with a nutritious mid day meal to 800 students combined.

Slum Children:

One man’s trash could be another man’s treasure and who proves this statement better than the innocent young rag pickers who spend most of their time picking up our trash. Their everyday sufferings motivated MaharajShri to inaugurate a school for the young rag pickers; this led to the opening of Gyandeep Vidyalaya at Faridabad. Initially, the school enrolled 700 girls whose parents could not afford educational expenditure but the enthusiasm among other students towards learning forced a few changes and later 400 boys were also enrolled in the evening shift.

Children, their families and the community become the target group for Vishwa Jagriti Mission’s activities as child education cannot be done in isolation and nothing else but education for children can bring long lasting change in the society.

Children on the path of revival of traditional values: REVIVAL

Along with academics, VJM understands preserving the Hindu tradition. In order to save India’s lost heritage we established Maharishi Vedvyas Gurukul Vidyapeeth in October 1999, a Gurukul where students are provided with regular academic sessions along with Sanskrit Gyan and Vedic knowledge. The Gurukul is located inside Anand Dham Ashram near New Delhi. Students here are provided with stationary, literature,uniforms. Regular yoga classes are organized for the students for their physical betterment. At Gurukul, students are groomed to be the saviors and ambassadors of our precious Indian values, to the modern era.

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A SILENT YET STRONGLY PILLARED REVOLUTION named DEVDOOT BAL KALYAN YOJNA (CHILD WELFARE PROJECT) WHICH IS EMPOWERING 2000 children at 5 locations in India was initiated by Vishwa Jagriti Mission under the guidance of
His Holiness Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj